Case Studies

Omni-Channel Retailer

Profit Connect sets a new standard for Recovery Audit with an International Omni-channel Retailer

Profit Connect is a specialist provider of recovery audit solutions to clients in Europe, Middle East, UK, USA and AsiaPac - setting new standard behind other recovery audit providers and the 'big 4'.

This Client had previously engaged with a 'big 4' provider and felt that the topic of Recovery Audit was complete. A project had been delivered previously and very little value had been identified and recovered.

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Extending recovery audits for operations in the Middle East

Carrefour has an experience with recovery audit outside of the Middle East, and was willing to extend the process locally. This new audit was limited to a review of commercial terms for prior trading years.

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Improving internal processes and controls

The initial project established a typical Accounts Payable review, including a comprehensive statement review, invoice processing errors and duplicate payments audit together with an input VAT exercise.

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Pan European recovery audit provides Egger with process assurance

Egger, a family owed, multi-billion Euro wood products manufacturer uses the recovery audit services of Profit Connect EMEA to identify and recover lost profits.

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