Bath University Placement Programme

As a Bath University School of Management alumni, Dan Dunford understands the value of work placements, it was a placement that introduced Dan to the Recovery Audit industry in 1999.

Since then Dan has supported Bath University in offering recovery audit placements, and we are now proud to have a programme in place with the University offering placements in the UK, Spain and Portugal.

To find out more about our placement opportunities email us at

Here is what are current students say about working with us:

“My name’s Ollie and I worked at Profit Connect on a 6 month internship in Spring-Summer 2019. I knew almost nothing about the industry before I came, but I was inducted into the company very quickly and within hours I was taught about the operation of the industry, auditing techniques, and had started my first supplier. I was given a lot of freedom working at a small company like PC, which I enjoyed greatly as it allowed me to work at my own pace and thrive in my own way. We were encouraged to take ownership of our work, giving us a lot of autonomy and each supplier I did was like my own little project; a new challenge and a new puzzle to solve, and after I figured it out, I would have something significant to show for it. With this autonomy, you’re constantly learning and adapting on the job, but Dan and Nick were always there if I got stuck or needed help. For these reasons I found the placement enjoyable and gratifying, and would definitely recommend!”

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