Third Party Supplier Audits Recovery Audits Explained

Businesses in all sectors can suffer financial losses due to the complexity of administration. This could be from not receiving all monies due from your suppliers or inadvertently paying suppliers too much for the goods and services you buy from them.

What is Recovery Audit?

Transactional errors, throughout the Procure to Pay cycle, can happen and most will be picked up by your own internal controls. However a small number of errors will remain unchallenged.

Profit Connect identify these unchallenged items, recover the money you have lost and provide valuable insights to improve internal controls reducing the likelihood of future errors.

Why engage Profit Connect?

Albert Einstein observed “we can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Profit Connect provide an independent recovery audit, reviewing all transactions (not just a sample), using highly qualified and experienced teams, to find the process gaps that have resulted in lost profit. Our teams are motivated and trained to deliver the highest net value to our clients.

Business areas covered

Profit Connect cover the full spectrum of procurement spend. We cover:

  • Your accounts payable transactions
  • Your contracts and agreements with suppliers
  • Indirect tax, including VAT and property tax
  • Property rental and service charge costs
  • Utilities and telecoms
  • Marketing costs
  • IT costs

Our full scope recovery audit services cover all areas of third party spend and income. Our Audit is tailored specifically for your business. Every audit project is meticulously planned, with your priorities agreed, so everything is covered over the life of the project. Meaning we can achieve highest net value every time.

See how much we could recover for you

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