Recovery Audit Fees

What does Net Value mean to you?

To us it means returning the highest net cash value to you business whist providing feedback and insights into possible areas of improvement, where they exist.

Revenue not cost

Our recovery audit services deliver revenue to clients that had been lost to time. Profit Connect is a revenue line, not a cost line, and our fees reflect that.

Our recovery audit fee models

To achieve the highest value to our clients we can deliver recovery audit services under one of two fee models:

1. Pure contingency.
The percentage fee we charge, on cash delivered back to your business, depends on a number of factors. Our highest net value approach means we staff each project, locally in your offices, with the right skill level necessary to achieve the best results.

2. Fixed Fee and contingency.
In some instances delivering highest net value requires a fixed fee element to motivate the project, with an additional success fee.

Our recovery audit fee guarantee

We will match any like to like fee proposal where:

  • The service fee is to provide services in your offices.
  • The level of experience is comparable - each of our audit directors have over 20 years experience.
  • The scope being proposed is comparable - Profit Connect work across all Recovery Audit disciplines without outsourcing to third parties.

See how much we could recover for you

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